Our Future

Towards 2021

We are looking to the future and working towards it now. We have re-committed ourselves to deliberately giving our best to fulfil our vision.

Our Vision

Our biblical vision spells out why we are here. Since 2010 we have affirmed that God is moving in three ways among us:

• Being followers of Christ. Jesus calls us all to follow with our whole lives. We nurture that life in God through the Bible, prayer, and encouragement of one another. At CBC we now call this our inspiration.

• Being a community. Gathering us together to worship, to connect in groups, and to commit to one another when we meet and make decisions. At CBC we now call this our belonging.

• Engaging in mission. We are getting on with being change-agents to shape the world according to God's longings. This is shown through witness, service, and justice both locally and overseas. At CBC we now call this our purpose.

In 2012, this developed into our current vision statement, which is an invitation to people within and beyond CBC: 'Discovering and spreading Inspiration, Belonging and Purpose in God.'